I’m a teacher, coach, and business owner and I’m running for the Georgia State House because the spineless and corrupt Republican Establishment turned its back on President Trump and refuses to fight for We The People.

As a former campaign worker for President Donald J. Trump, I gave it my all to re-elect our President in 2020.

The people of Georgia and America have been betrayed. For decades the politicians that we elected have gone to the capital with one purpose in mind…enriching themselves. 

In 2020, we witnessed the effects of these feckless, elitist politicians, who continue to tell the people that:

  • Kicking poll watchers out of tabulation centers is a free election
  • We should not verify the signatures on the ballots
  • Dominion voting systems are not remotely accessible
  • There is no need to prosecute violations of election law
  • That it’s no problem that 75% of ballots were adjudicated in Fulton County 

Career politicians pretend to fight at election time then say things like, “I am not getting into the part about the, you know, widespread voter fraud. You are correct, it wasn’t found, it’s just in a lot of people’s minds, that there was.” – Rep. Alan Powell District 33 (@fairfightaction 2/19/21) 

Our Elected officials must fight for the liberties of the people, not dismiss 74 million voters as conspiracy theorists. That’s why I am running for Georgia House District 33. 

Join me as we continue the legacy of our founding and build on the success of our President, Donald J. Trump and defend our Georgia Values.

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